AB630 Evaporative Cooler

AB630 Evaporative Cooler

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The AB630 portable evaporative cooler from GMC Aircon is a revolution in cooling technology. Evaporative coolers have been known to be very effective and efficient means of cooling your home.

The AB630 is the most compact evaporative cooling unit available from GMC. While it is small enough to take with you wherever you go, it still has enough power to cool a room to a comfortable temperature. The AB630 operates on the basic principle of cooling air through evaporation, as it pulls in outside air with its fan, the air passes through a set of cooling pads inside the housing unit, this air is cooled via evaporation and released out into the room.

The AB630 has gone one step further and introduced an air ionizer that purifies the air inside the unit as it cools it down, making sure that nothing but cool, clean air is flowing into your living space or bedroom. Negative ions have been proven to reduce effects of depression, oxygen flow to the body thereby increasing alertness.

This system is perfect for smaller rooms such as bedrooms, lounges, and the study. With its castors, you can just simply roll it from room to room. The AB630 is super easy to maintain and features a large LED display that can be programmed for operation, with settings for the swing, sleep timer, and cooling level. The handy remote gives you control of the unit from anywhere in the room.

To increase your cooling effectiveness even further, make use of the ice boxes in the housing, which will further assist in cooling, especially on hot days in mid-summer. The AB630 is the portable cooling solution of choice for anyone on the move.

Rated Voltage220-240 V
Rated Frequency50 Hz
Rated Power120W
Rated Current1A
Max Airflow630m³/H
Effective Area20-25m²
Net Weight10.1kg
Fan TypeAxial
Climate ClassT
Shock Protect TypeI
Water Capicity5.5L

AB630 Features

  • 1 - 12hr run timer
  • Capacity: 630 m3/h
  • Dust filters for air purification
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Eco friendly
  • LED screen control panel
  • Low Co2 emissions
  • Low running costs
  • Low Noise
  • Multiple Fan Speeds
  • Rolling Casters for easy movement
  • Remote Control

Supplied Accessories

  • Rolling Casters for easy movement
  • Remote Control

Unit Dimensions

  • Width : 345mm (35cm)
  • Depth : 440mm (44cm)
  • Height : 855mm (85cm)