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The Easy, Effective Cooling Systems

Air-conditioning has had a stranglehold on interior climate control for decades, with many units being bulky, noisy and breaking down on a regular basis. Not only that, but many of them are very energy efficient, leading to huge cooling costs, especially in hot summer seasons.

It’s time to consider the next evolution of cooling technology, evaporative coolers. Evaporative cooling technology has been available to the general market for years, however, recently there have been huge strides in this system of cooling that have turned it into an incredibly efficient and effective means of cooling residences, offices and even industrial factories.

GMC Aircon brings you a range of evaporative coolers that can suit any application, big or small. Our evaporative coolers are backed by a manufacturers warrantee and will provide years of trouble-free cooling that will be kind on your homes budget.

For a portable cooling solution that you can take on the road with you wherever you go, consider the AB630. With its sleek design and fully programmable function, it gives you the ability to cool any room you are in quickly and efficiently. Hotels, guesthouses and motels no longer need to be uncomfortable experiences. With its light, compact design the AB630 is the cooling solution you need for smaller spaces.

For a larger living area, consider the AB50. This evaporative cooling solution is designed with three cooling pads that go to work on cooling down your room with great efficiency. this cooler will keep any room (max 40m²) in your home feeling cool and fresh, its quiet operating function reduces noise pollution as well.

If you need an evaporative cooler for a domestic/commercial application, then the AB18 from GMC Aircon is the cooling solution you need for your retail or corporate office space. The AB18 will also be well suited to large homes and factories. Evaporative cooling in large areas can save a fortune in cooling bills over the course of a hot summer and the AB18 will slash your cooling costs by up to 80%.